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Welcome to the Character Building Wiki

Welcome to Character Building Wiki. Enjoy and edit this wiki by adding pages and editing pages. Remember like Character Building, this wiki wants building!

Character Building is:

  • Collectable!
  • Constructable!
  • Compatible!

So please help us construct this Wiki!

Character Building Description!

Character Building is a Lego like constructable company made by Character Options. Character Building make Minifigures as well as constructable and fun playsets. They are many variations of Character Building, which are all compatiable; some being Doctor Who, H.M. Armed Forces and Deadly 60.

Character Building Ranges

  • Lite Brix (not part of the Character Building range, but they are compatible).

Index of Products

A growing index to all released products by Item number can be found here.

Whats Been Going On Recently!

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