Lite Brix Star Shuttle and Launcher

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Micro Figures

2 space astronaut figures

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Lite Brix

Light the way as you travel across the stars through space with the Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Star Shuttle and Launcher! Build the 3-D, light-up shuttle, rocket booster and launch pad using Lite Brix lighted building bricks, which feature four color LEDs that come to life when you plug the battery power pack into the shuttle and rocket. The building system includes special connector pieces to attach the Lite Brix to each other, so you can build the model on different angles, and translucent pieces that glow with color from the LEDs. The set includes realistic decals and two space astronaut figures that fit into the shuttle plane and on the launch pad. Attach the shuttle to the launch pad for display, or use bricks from other building sets (sold separately), which attach to all Lite Brix. Batteries required.

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