Micro-Figures (Mini Men) Series 1 Blind Bags

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Micro-Figures (Mini Men)

Micro-Figures (Mini Men) are collectible micro figures with different characteristics and occupations.

The range includes, astronauts, knights, zombies, footballers, racing drivers and more. Also include accessories such as swords, guns and wrenches.

They are compatible with other Character Building construction toy ranges. Each pack contains 1 random figure with stand and a collector's checklist.

  • It's interestign to note that the packs miss the word "Compatiable!" that is on all other Character Building packaging.

The Mini Men series 1 range was exclusive to JDNA in North America.

  • Astronaut (white) common
  • Astronaut (red) rare
  • Race Car Driver (white with yellow helmet) common
  • Construction worker (yellow jacket and yellow trousers) common
  • Soldier (dark skin) rare
  • Soldier (pink skin) common
  • Special Ops common
  • Ninja (black, male) common
  • Ninja (red, female) rare
  • Knight (red cloak) rare
  • Knight (black cloak) common
  • Zombie (male) uncommon

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