Royal Navy Merlin Set
Royal Navy Merlin Set

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Micro Figures

1 Royal Navy Helicopter Pilot, 1 Royal Navy Search and Rescue Winchman

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H.M. Armed Forces

Merlin Mk1 – the world’s most potent submarine hunting helicopter using state-of-the-art sonar which is lowered and recovered from the aircraft and disposable sonobuoys which we drop into the sea. In addition the Merlin carries out maritime helicopter duties including anti-piracy/drug-running patrols, surveillance and reconnaissance, search and rescue, and passenger and load transfers. The aircraft is armed with Sting Ray torpedoes and depth charges when hunting for submarines and with machines guns when carrying out anti-piracy patrols.

This replica construction miniature Merlin now enables you to take your battles to the sky with its realistic working main and tail rotating rotar blades; opening cockpit canopy and a large capacity cargo bay with opening rear loading ramp. This awesome aircraft also includes detachable torpedoes, one Royal Navy Helicopter Pilot micro-figure and a Royal Navy Search and Rescue Winchman micro-figure that can be lowered into action using the winch with harness attachment.

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